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About your Yoga Teacher: Rachel (Prem) Amendolia

My Yoga teaching journey began in 1996 when I trained as a teacher of Traditional Hatha Yoga in Rajasthan India, and I followed this style for many years. In 2008 I was working in Fitness centres as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and was offered to teach Yoga full time.  I decided to update my skills and train in something more fitness orientated, so I undertook my training in Power (Vinyasa) Yoga in Sydney under Duncan Peak. At the end of the year I moved to the Sunshine Coast and discovered Radiant Light Yoga with Adam and Akash Bornstein which was exactly what I had been looking for in a style of Yoga.

I graduated from their Level Two Teacher Training in 2009 and I loved it so much that I went on to do their year long Level One Teacher Training and Philosophy course in 2010, and their 18 month Yoga Therapy Diploma graduating  in 2011.

In 2013 I repeated Level Two Teacher Training with the emphasis on Yoga Therapy, and my Level One Training again to refresh my teaching and serve my student's on an even deeper level. in 2018 I undertook Level One again for my own personal benefit and learned so much more which has evolved my Teaching.

I am a Yoga Australia Level 2 Registered and Approved Yoga Teacher and continue to regularly update my knowledge and skills. Prior to becoming a Yoga teacher I was a Registered Nurse for 10 years, a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer all of which have helped me in my role as a Yoga Teacher. Yoga is my joy and passion and it is my privilege to share it with you.   

In my classes I blend traditional Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa flows. My focus is on how you feel in your practice, connecting to your heart and the Spirit of Yoga.  I  offer a space where each person can feel at ease in their own expression of Yoga. My hope is that you too will take the Shanti Path, find your inner peace, and help to make the world a more peaceful place.

I dedicate my teaching to my beloved Gurudeva Paramahansa Yogananda. 

About Yoga

Yoga means union, to unite, or harmonise. An achievement of unity and the harmony within oneself- mind, body and spirit. This is achieved through the practice of Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), deep relaxation and meditation.

Yoga postures tone the body both inside and out - improving your internal and external health. Internally Yoga balances your nervous, glandular, digestive and metabolic system, supporting healthy bodily functioning. Externally, Yoga tones, strengthens and lengthens your body. It gives your joints stability and increases your stamina and cardiovascular fitness.

Mentally, the practice of Yoga calms the mind, whilst helping us to focus, concentrate and clarify. Spiritually, the practice of Yoga liberates the subtle energy within us, called Prana. This can then move through the body and cleanse our energy centers called Chakras; removing any blockages that we may have and acting as a tool for healing on all levels. Ultimately leading to a deeper connection with ourselves and helping us to spiritually progress. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to end suffering through reconnection with the eternal self.

So to begin the practice of Yoga, we just relax, breathe and go with the flow. Try not to focus on the mind, the breath will link the mind to the body, just keep your heart open. Allow yourself to leave any problems that you may have at the door. Just be yourself, here, in the moment.

~Take the Shanti Path-find your inner peace~

~ Peace Within = Peace Without ~

 For enquiries phone Prem on 

0437 914 029

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