Shanti Path Yoga Space

Take the path to peace


The services that the Shanti Path Yoga Space provide include:

Casual class $15, casual concession $13
5 class pass $65 (classes@13.00 )
10 class pass $120 (classes@12.00)
  • Individual or group Yoga and Meditation classes*
These are held in the privacy of your own home or mine and are $65.00 for one hour.
Or create your own group- 2 for $75 and 4 for $100 or more.
To reduce stress and improve wellness for healthier happier staff; you can create your own group and I can come to your workplace in your lunch hour.
  • Yoga Therapy- Private one on one sessions creating a tailor made routine to suit all your specific individual needs.  I will work with you to reduce any discomfort that you are experiencing from a specific condition as well as focusing on improving your general health and wellbeing. I will offer you recommendations for your mind, body and spirit using tools from Raja Yoga - Yamas and Niyamas  Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Ayurveda, Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness and more.
The initial consultation is $90 for 90 minutes and ongoing sessions are $75
  • Individual or group stress management sessions are also available*.


Some private health rebates are available for Yoga. 

*By appointment only. Please call me for more information: 0437 914 029


~Take the Shanti Path-find your inner peace~

~ Peace Within = Peace Without ~

 For enquiries phone Prem on 

0437 914 029

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